Ambassador´s Welcome Remarks

On behalf of the Embassy staff and indeed on my own behalf, I would like to welcome you to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe in Havana, Cuba. The main responsibilities of the Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe are to execute Zimbabwe’s foreign policy in Cuba and in countries of multiple accreditation Bahamas, Guyana, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, Jamaica, French Guiana and Suriname.

It is the Missions objective to maintain, promote and further strengthen the relations that so amiably exist between Zimbabwe and Cuba and countries of multiple accreditation. The Mission is on a drive to fortify already blossoming bilateral ties and open new frontiers of cooperation.

The Embassy is also mandated to promote and protect the interests of Zimbabwe nationals in Cuba and in countries of multiple accreditation.

Zimbabwe – Cuba relations stem from the days of the second Chimurenga, our liberation struggle waged against coloniliasm.  To this day our bilateral relations with Cuba are still vibrant and strengthening. The areas of cooperation are health and education.

Our quest is to tenaciously pursue an economic diplomacy thrust on trade investment and tourism. Being fully aware of the presence of a significant Zimbabwe population in the region diaspora integration and cooperation are among Zim-Havana’s objectives too.In the words of our President, His Excellency Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe is open for business.

Zimbabwe is on a massive comeback mission, tenaciously pursing re-engagement and rapprochement with the world and international organisations. In regaining the bread basket of Africa status the implementation of our aggressive command agriculture programme has so far has registered impressive and mouth-watering maize and wheat yields.

​​Zimbabwe is endowed with vast natural resources namely which present numerous opportunities for trade and investment. Areas one could invest in are mining, agriculture, tourism and fishing, infrastructure, health, manufacturing. The much envied impeccable weather, quality hospitality and exquisite tourist attraction draw thousands of tourists from all walks of life. The serene atmosphere and secure environment provide a conducive platform for one to visit tourist attraction, explore trade opportunities, and interact with the warm and cordial Zimbabwean citizens that exists.

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Zimbabwe possesses a wealth of cultures, tribes, the wildlife and scenery, making it a more and more popular destination every year. Each region of the country has something special to offer, inspired by the elements, the surroundings and natural materials. Visit Zimbabwe and experience all the country’s natural wonders and resources. Its low crime rate, breath-taking landscapes and clean environment make it an attractive place to visit.

Having created an ideal business environment, Zimbabwe has put forth highly competitive investment incentives and fiscal regime. The establishment of the Zimbabwe Investment Authority and the revising of the Indigenisation and Empowerment Act form the foundation of this regime.

Zimbabwe is a contemporary, modern and accessible country with excellent business opportunities. As a tourist seeking natural beauties in a land of contrast, or an investor seeking rewarding opportunities in a diversifying economy, Zimbabwe will provide you with all your needs and will be a destination that will truly be unforgettable.

Once again, thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in Zimbabwe. Please feel free to contact us regarding any further questions you might have on Zimbabwe. The staff and I will be pleased to attend to your inquiries.

Ambassador I.G Mudzimba

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