Birth Certificate Application

Birth certificate application for Zimbabwe nationals either by birth, descent, or naturalisation. The Mission provides B D3 and BD forms which must be completed and submitted to Harare by the applicant for processing.

External birth registrations

Issued to persons born out of Zimbabwe to Zimbabwean citizens other than by descent.


  • Both parents have to provide Zimbabwean passports and their Zimbabwe identity cards.
  • Marriage certificate (if not married both parents must acknowledge paternity).
  • Foreign birth certificate.

Statutory fees:

Normal processing – US$50.00

Processing time:

  • Normal processing – 5 working days
  • Normal processing through mail – 20 working days

Non-citizen birth registrations

These are birth certificates issued to children of foreign nationals (visitors and expatriates).


  • Foreign passports for both parents.
  • Marriage certificate (if not married both parents must acknowledge paternity) if the marriage certificate is in foreign language, recognised authorities must translate it.

Statutory fee:

  • Normal processing – US$25.00
  • Urgent processing – US$30.00

Processing time:

Normal processing – 10 working days

Urgent processing – 5 days

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