Passport Application and Renewal

The Embassy facilitates Passport applications and renewals. A passport form is issued at an administrative fee of……. It must be completed by the Applicant, certified and verified by the Embassy and dispatched by the applicant for further processing in Harare at the Central Registry Offices housed at Makombe Building.

For Zimbabweans living in Zimbabwe


  • Original long birth certificate and photocopy
  • Original national identity card and photocopy
  • Marriage certificate / divorce order and photocopy where applicable.
  • Two colour photographs (size 3.5 x 4.5cm)
  • Citizenship certificate and photocopy where applicable
  • Previous passport/ Temporary Travel Document where applicable
  • Police report for lost or stolen passport.
  • The father/mother or other legal guardian of children under 18years must sign section 5 of the passport application form and produce original ID or valid Zimbabwe passport.

In the event that both parents are deceased, death certificates are required and legal guardian signs section 5.

Legal guardian’s “documentary proof “should be in the form of court order from the High Court.


  • Ordinary passport – US$53.00
  • Emergency passport – US$253.00
  • Express urgent passport – US$318.00
  • Temporary Travel Document – US$38.00

Processing Time:

  • Ordinary passport – 4 working weeks
  • Emergency passport – 3 working days
  • Express urgent passport – 24 hours
  • Temporary Travel Document – 24 hours

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